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Submitted by admin on 12 August 2020

1. About Dahod ICCC

The Dahod ICCC is equipped with a state of the art data centre (DC) with a disaster recovery (DR) site on cloud. The operating workspace is equipped with a 7 x 4 matrix video wall with a seating capacity of 25 operators who monitor the city 24 x 7 in 3 working shifts.

The Dahod ICCC is the nerve centre of all the IT equipment installed across the Dahod City. ICCC with the help of information technology is acting as an enabler for various departments such Police for surveillance, safety and security, traffic management for traffic police, etc.

The ICCC with its wide reach through CCTV cameras has been successful in supporting the Dahod Police Department to enforce law & order and resolve numerous crimes so that the citizens of Dahod can feel safe and inclusive.

2.Vision for Dahod ICCC

Dahod’s Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) has been setup “to provide safe, secure, and inclusive environment for citizens, and act as an enabler for the city with its IT infrastructure”.


ICCC Building