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Submitted by admin on 12 August 2020

While the smart city mission has a large focus on developing public infrastructure, it is also about creating smart citizens who can operate fluidly within this new environment. These citizens can only be made smart if they are educated hand-in-hand with technology. In keeping with that goal, CSCL strives to create a model to equip schools with technology-based digital learning zones for students and teachers to maximize learning outcomes for a smarter future which can be replicated in other schools in the city.

The 28 classrooms, selected by the Greater Dahod Corporation’s Education Officer at various Corporation schools, will be equipped with electricity, network connectivity and other relevant furniture required to create smart classrooms. Samsung India Electronics has entered into a MoU with GCC and agreed to provide required equipment for the smart classrooms.

Additionally, future classrooms and other teaching/learning resources for the capacity building of teachers in leveraging multimedia and IT to improve quality of education in schools will also be provided. The classrooms may also be used by various coaching institutes and other departments in the evenings for hosting classes and various seminars to utilize the space and equipment better during non-working hours, cover a larger pool of students and generate revenue to maintain the schools better. Additionally, evening classes can be held for students who are not able to attend during the day, hence reducing the burden of absentees. The 28 classrooms are located in D Nagar and will be upgraded as area-based development.

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