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Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary



Located in the Panchmahal district of Central Gujarat and 130.38 km2. area declared as a sanctuary in May 1990, Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary is home for a variety of animals and plants. A small part of the sanctuary (Targol Round) falls in the adjoining Vadodara district. The area has two water reservoirs – one at Kada and the other at Targol. These water bodies add to the aesthetic settings and diversity of the habitat. The sanctuary's wildlife depends on these two reservoirs.

The most striking feature of the area is the undulating hills having a good forest cover, with the valleys having small human settlements. The places of interest are Kada, Targol and Jhand Hanuman temple. Of these, the most picturesque location is Kada, where a beautiful forest rest house stands on the banks of an irrigation reservoir. Due to its proximity to the cosmopolitan city of Vadodara, the sanctuary is an ideal resort and camping site for the city's people.