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Chhab Talab

History of Chhab Talav: Siddharaj Jai Singh was a ruler of the Solanki dynasty of Anhilwara, also known as Patan, which was a part of Gujarat. Siddhraj Jai Singh was going to conquer Malwa,  and camped with the army at Dahod. The numbers of soldier was so much that for the need of  water, all of them filled the chhab (shallow basket) one by one, so this chab lake was built.  Siddharaj's enormous. army built Chhab Talav (Basket Lake) in one night. Archaeological remains are still being found there during excavations. The renovation of such a historic lake has been undertaken under the Smart City project.


Chhab Talav lake is like the heart of the entire Dahod city. The people of Dahod are proud of it.  The lake renovation project has significantly improve water quality through lake cleanliness and aeration. Water sports and public green space are also encouraged.


Project: The project was launched in July 2019 under the Chhab Lake Renovation Project which was completed in April 2023. Under this project, a total of 4 gardens have been rejuvenated for the beautification of Chhab Lake, in which jogging tracks, paved roads for side walks, bicycle tracks, landscaped tree avenue gardens, green spaces will continue to be alive as a tourist destination along with business for the locals.


Facilities provided under this project:

One can experience the beautiful nature with sunrise and sunset view, including many different kinds of birds visiting dahod.

Drinking water and washroom are also there.

For health purpose walking/jogging area, open gym, cycling facilities with both manual and e-cycle are also provided.

Additionally play area for for kids and food court area are also available

Boating facilility is also provided.

Overall it is a Nice place to spend time with your family and friends.