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Submitted by admin on 12 August 2020

About: Siddharaj Jai Sinh was a ruler of the Solanki dynasty of Anhilwara, also known as Patan, which was a part of Gujarat. Siddhraj Jai Singh was going to conquer Malwa, and camped with the army at Dahod. The numbers of soldier was so much that for the need of water, Each chhab was filled to dig the soil, after some time the water came on the surface level, thus the chhab lake was formed. Siddharaj's enormous. army built Chhab Talav (Basket Lake) in one night. Archaeological remains was found there during excavations. The renovation of such a historic lake has been undertaken under the Smart City project. 

Project: The project was launched in 2019 under the Chhab Lake Renovation Project which was completed in 2023. Under this project, a total of 6 gardens have been rejuvenated for the beautification of Chhab Lake, in which jogging tracks, paved roads for sidewalks, bicycle tracks, landscaped tree avenue gardens, green spaces will continue to be alive as a tourist destination along with business for the locals. Some Features under this project: 

  1. Food Zone                       10. Boating Area             
  2. View Deck                       11. Craft Bazaar
  3. Children Play Area        12. Party Lawn
  4. Yoga Center                    13. Bio-Toilet & E-Toilet
  5. Open Gym                      14. Water ATM
  6. Selfie Point                     15. Cycle & Jogging Track
  7. Amphitheatre
  8. Dolphin Fountain
  9. Sunset Point

There is a detail of the features under this project:   

1. Children Play Area: An exciting and challenging environment where children can explore and develop their abilities. Navigating swings, slides, roundabouts, climbing frames and other equipment can teach important problem-solving skills and help to develop physical strength, coordination and balance.                                                                                                                                           

Children Play area

2. Open Gym: This gymnasium is available for students, families, and/or community members to play pick-up sports such as basketball or volleyball, participate in fitness stations, run laps and other daily exercise like Arms Wheel. This exercise makes your arms strong, Cross walker, Chest Press, Horse rider. Hosting open gym takes minimal resources and requires little planning, but it can significantly increase daily physical activity opportunities. 

Open gym1 Open gym 2  

3. Selfie Point: This is the POI (Point of Interest) where people can capture the precious moment. Citizen can capture their images with these statue and beautiful sites & Sunset.                                                                                                                                                                           

selfie point 1         selfie point 2 

4. Dolphin Fountain: This is an area where people can enjoy the fountain. These fountains decorated with vibrant artificial light including Dolphin Statue.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Dolphin Fountain 1   Dolphin Fountain 2

5.Sunset Point- This point is above on height from the nearby surface. People can enjoy the sunset here during sundown. Visitors can enjoy the best sunset views at 6:30 in evening. These phenomena happen when you have mid and high-level clouds covering around 25% to 60% of the evening sky. 

Sunset Point

6. Boating Area: Boating is the leisurely activity in Chhab Talav, There are Two Types Boats are there 1.Paddle Boat 2.Engine Boat. Visitor enjoy the boating in two different boats. Evening time is best time for boating. 

Boating AreaBoating Area

7. Bio-Toilet & E-Toilet - Bio Toilet is the sustainable and hygienic sanitation system in the Chhab Talav, which helps in prevention of open defecation, preventing pollution of water bodies and promotes safety and dignity for women and other users. Smart Bio Toilets installed in different locations in the Chhab Talav. E-Toilet- An electronic toilet or e-toilet is a type of public toilet that is used in Chhab Talav. The increase in use of E-Toilets is in support of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan  which intends to reduce the practice of defecation-Toilets can be coin operated pay toilets. The entire unit is made of stainless steel. Like other self-sustaining, electronic public toilets, E-Toilets have sensors to initiate automatic functions including pre-flush and post-flush platform cleaning, after a specified number of uses. Indication lights are displayed outside the unit which helps the user to identify whether the facility is occupied (red light) or unoccupied (green light) and whether the facility is out of service, for example if the water supply is low.                                                                                                                        

 Bio Toilet1  E- toilet

8. Water ATM- A Water ATM machine is a self-service water dispensing unit that provides clean and safe drinking water to people in a convenient and affordable manner. These machines use advanced filtration technology to purify water, making it safe for consumption. Total 6 Water ATM Installed in Chhab Talav Locations.

Water ATM1 Water ATM2 

9. Cycle & Jogging Track-A cycle track is an exclusive bicycle facility that combines the visitor experience of a path in Chhab Talav. There is Single Lane facility. Visitor can take cycles on rent to enjoy the ride. Here we can have two types of cycle 1. Battery Cycles 2. Manual Paddling Cycle. Along with it, there is a jogging track where citizen can walk & run.  

Cycle & jogging track

10. Amphitheatre- An amphitheatre is a large open area surrounded by rows of seats sloping upwards. In this place citizen perform different types of activity with the help of administration. 

Chaab Talav