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Submitted by admin on 12 August 2020

One of the major initiatives taken by Greater Dahod Corporation under Smart City Project is replacing of existing sodium vapour lamps with LED lights. LED based lighting system has become a popular substitute for low voltage lighting. LEDs are favored over incandescent bulb or CFL as LEDs convert far more of their energy in to light. For instance, substantial amount of energy is wasted as heat in bulbs. Increased efficiency means a drop-in withdrawal from the grid or that batteries will last much longer maintaining the brightness. The expected lifetime of LEDs is over 10 lakh running hours. To top it off, the maintenance cost is negligible, as it operates at a very low voltage. It is proposed that the Sodium vapour lamps fitted in the streets will be replaced with LED lights considering that:

1. The life expectancy of LED bulbs is much higher, resulting in savings of labour and replacement costs.
2. The savings in power usage will result in the reduction of power costs.
3. LED bulbs improve lighting in the streets benefiting the public on the streets.
4. LED lights do not use hazardous materials like mercury.
5. Their maintenance and replacement cost are negligible.